The kitchen is open from 11:30 to 22:00 Monday–Friday and from 15:00 to 22:00 Saturday–Sunday


Chicken flatbread
ISK 2.690,-

Rubbed chicken, peanut butter hummus, avocado, roasted seeds and pesto

Goat cheese flatbread
ISK 2.690,-

Goat cheese, sweet pears, pickled chili, fresh grapefruit & pesto

Langoustine flatbread
ISK 3.190,-

Garlic fried langoustine tails, chili aioli, roasted fennel, toasted almonds, basil-tomato sauce

Perfect to share

Gratinated cheese
ISK 2.190,-

Gratinated Búri cheese with honey, pine nuts and bread

ISK 2.190,-

Fried calamari tempura and chili aioli

Marina fish soup
ISK 2.790,-

Probably the best! Tomato based vegetable soup with today’s fish, scallops & shrimp — ideal starter for two

Happy chicken wings
ISK 2.190,-

Crispy chicken wings from Litla gula hænan farm, served with bourbon hot sauce and yoghurt dip

ISK 3.790,-

Serrano ham, chorizo and all kinds of sausages with Icelandic cheese, olives and pickled veggies

Main courses

Slippbarinn's vegetables
ISK 2.890,-

Roasted butternut og pickled yellow beets with kale, spicy dukkah and sprouts

Fish in a pan
ISK 3.790,-

Today’s best catch. Ask us if you want details

Steak au frites
ISK 4.990,-

300 grams of grilled rib eye of quality Icelandic beef, Sauce Béarnaise, and crispy fries

Beef burger
ISK 3.290,-

Steak burger on brioche with vintage Óðals cheese, oyster mushrooms, mustard aioli, pickles and crispy fries

Bar Snacks

Bread and dip
ISK 790,-

Delicious sourdough bread and dip

ISK 590,-

Marinated black & green olives

ISK 490,-

Ask your waiter for flavours

ISK 490,-

Not sweet, not sour just salt


Créme brulée
ISK 1.890,-

Classic vanilla crème brûlée. Gotta love it

ISK 1.890,-

Belgium with chocolate mousse, Raspberries and meringue

ISK 1.890,-

Three types of Icelandic cheeses with sweet walnuts & grilled sourdough bread

Snowpiercer (for adults only!)
ISK 2.890,-

Milkshake with Mozart White Chocolate, Christmas pudding gin, Green Chartreuse and vanilla ice cream